About us

Originality, Creativity, Practicality and Subtle Opulence, are some of the MANTRA that guides the crafting of every design and product that bears the House Of Nanii brand. The Founder & Chief Creative Artist  for The House Of NaniiNanii Nnamdi, is a third generation Fashion Designer & an Image/Wardrobe Consultant. Nanii'  art and design are influenced by his upbringing which spans over 2 continents, his love for ART, NATURE & HUMANITY and his innate ability to see and appreciate beauty in EVERYTHING.


Note form nanii..

I am passionate about crafting couture fashion for Style aficionados, Trend setters & Trend followers and Fashion Enthusiasts. Folks who appreciate the Art of Fashion and fairly understand the intricacies that goes into crafting the ideal look for todays fashionista.

I want my Art to elicit  joy, laughter, happiness, oneness, peace, togetherness and lavish satisfaction.. we could use a ton of these treats in todays world.


We are excited about the future of Couture Fashion in America & around the world and how the House Of Nanii can contribute to its future. We could not possible achieve our goals without the support and fervent loyalty from our FOLLOWERS and DIE HARD FANS. You are the reason why I do this.