Seeking Equilibrium in the Art of Fashion and its industry

By Nanii.


             Balance, Cohesion, symmetry, these are some the words that can be used in place of Equilibrium. I chose the word “Equilibrium” to denote opposite forces/factors present but stable to a point of equality and cohesion. Where both opposite forces, opposite agendas, opposite trend of though, opposite dispositions and ideas exist but cohesive.  This phenomenon is basic in all aspect of life for civility and tranquility to thrive. This is also true for Fashion and its industry.

In this article, I intend to explore what equilibrium or balance in fashion will mean or does mean to consumers, retailers, manufacturers, designer and the global future of fashion and its industry alike as it relates to the points I aim to clarify.



Equilibrium in Fashion – Consumer.

              Today’s fashion consumer or fashionista is a dozen times more informed & savvier and has more access to a variety of products faster than the fashionista of the 80s and later. Today’s fashionista wants new products from new talents and established talents alike and they want it NOW or yesterday will be better. They also accessorize more today with the inventions of smart gadgets that seem to be with us all the time. For some reason, fashionistas are also interested in the talent behind the art. They want to know more about what goes into what they wear and how it’s made. For a specific type of fashionista, they like to mix & match outfits with accessories by color or pattern. Mix & Match their dress to their tablet sleeve or their shoes to the smart watch. Or Mix & Match their handbag to their jewelry or sunglasses, whatever it is. I believe the future of Mix & Match (coordinating) is here and back from the 60s and 70s.

I also believe that providing a Fashion platform where fashionista can not only shop but be able to sample products side to side to test for color/pattern balance and symmetry, will not only be convenient but a new ground breaking online shopping experience. @ The HOUSE OF NANII we are pioneering the idea and currently investing in research and SaaS to provide a MIX &MATCH option on our website. To mix and match tastefully, certain principles and nuances exist to guide the blending and coordination of colors and patterns. Failing to adhere to these aged rules and you risk turning your outfit into costume. In Mix & Match, seeking equilibrium or symmetry or balance in coordinating the colors and patterns is not only imperative but also requires some inherent artistic talents.

Case in point- Mix & Match a red dress with red shoes. Accented by red jewelry, red handbag and red every other thing will not only overwhelm the color senses of the eye, it also break every rule in the book on coordination. In Mix & Match there are certain subtle factors to keep in mind like how to mix bright colors with solid colors and how to use certain off colors or patterns as accents or as fashion statements. Something a little as pink socks under a black suit could be all you need to make just the right amount of statement. A red cufflinks on a pink shirt is also a subtle accent that is not overtly stated. These are some of the features I am intend to incorporate on the Mix & Match Option on my website so fashionista can have fun trying out different looks.





Equilibrium in Fashion – Manufacturer/retailer/consumer.

        As an artist, I chose to express my art through fashion. This honor affords me front sit to see the effect and the irreversible damages my industry inflict on the planet we call home. Our insatiable taste of fast, quiet and bargain fashion has created a behemoth of junk with not enough land fill to contain.


I am not only believer but advocate that Sustainability in fashion is the smarted answer to seeking equilibrium or balance vis-a-vis our impact to earth.  The sad part is, the time for sustainability in fashion is not now, it was yesterday. We have a lot of catching up to do. Every small part helps the bigger picture.

We at the House of Nanii have implemented plans to consciously transition to a 100% sustainable material in crafting and manufacturing of all our pieces as we grow. We have also made commitments to implementing programs aimed at providing a way to better collect used and discarded products from consumers for better recycling or disposal.

The amount damage done will not evaporate in one spell. But if we all commit to doing a small part, I believe we might achieve some form of equilibrium/balance in the way we impact our world .The future of Sustainability in fashion is not only imperative but HUMANE.